Wind farm project defended

03 Jun 2010
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wind power North British Wind Power (NBWP) has defended plans to create a new wind farm in Scotland.

Forty-eight wind turbines are set to be built in the Lammermuir Hills, but the proposals have led to some opposition.

However, NBWP has insisted that the project will have a negligible impact on settlements in the area and will help to power 80,000 homes with clean and renewable energy.

A spokesman told the BBC that those opposed to the scheme cannot claim they have been excluded and ignored during the planning process.

He said campaigners have had plenty of opportunities to air their views.

Botanist Professor David Bellamy is among those to object to the proposals and will attend a protect march on June 12th.

He described the Lammermuir Hills as a "wonderful upland landscape" that has welcomed visitors for centuries.

Professor Bellamy added that those who are opposed to the wind farm have "huge concerns" about how it would affect the region.
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