Wind energy 'has multiple benefits', says RenewableUK

23 Jul 2010
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RenewableUK says investing in wind energy can offer numerous benefits to the UK economy.

The organisation's head of communications Nick Medic stated that one of these is that it will create green jobs, which in turn will have economic benefits.

"On the back of this ambitious roll-out of renewables, we're looking to have jobs created by 2020, and also business opportunities and indirect jobs for local communities," he said.

Mr Medic added that using more wind energy will also enable the UK to get closer to its carbon emissions reductions target of 20 per cent by 2020 set by the European Union.

The RenewableUK head of communications also pointed out that wind energy can often be cheaper than that created via burning fossil fuels.

He was speaking after the European Commission earlier this month released statistics which show that Europe is using more renewable energy.

Just 57 per cent of the new electricity generation capacity installed in 2008 was renewable energy, which increased to 62 per cent for 2009. 

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