UK's renewable energy targets failure 'will result in fines'

27 Jul 2010
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If the UK fails to meet targets set by the European Union for renewable energy production, the British taxpayer will be forced to cover the cost.

This is the opinion of the Renewable Energy Centre, which stated that "hefty fines" will be imposed unless the UK ups its renewable energy production in order to meet the 20 per cent carbon emissions reductions target by 2010.

A spokeswoman for the organisation explained that the government can avoid this by providing funding for wind farm developments.

"It is essential that the barriers which hamper both onshore and offshore wind developments are removed in order for the UK to make a significant leap forward over the next nine years," she said.

This comes shortly after the Department of Energy and Climate Change announced a £10 million grant for UK offshore wind technology, half of which will be shared between seven firms that will increase the supply chain in the UK. 

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