UK energy policy 'needs to be changed'

01 Jul 2010
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power station Government advisers have said changes need to be made to the UK's energy policy so it can meet its climate change targets.

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) stated that additional measures to tackle the problem must be introduced, despite the drop in emissions that was caused by the recession.

"Our analysis shows that this is almost wholly due to a reduction in economic activity and not from new measures being introduced to tackle climate change," CCC chairman Lord Adair Turner told BBC News.

In the second report to parliament, it was found that UK greenhouse gas emissions had fallen by 8.6 per cent as a result of the economic crisis and rising fuel costs.

It added that the approach has for too long been a "light touch" and more needs to be done to introduce renewable energy and meet European targets.

National co-ordinator for the CCC Phil Thornhill recently stated that overall it looks as if the situation is changing faster than plans are being put in place to deal with it.
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