Switching to renewable energy 'is cost-effective'

05 Aug 2010
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Switching to renewable energy can be cost-effective, the Centre for Alternative Technology has stated.

According to a spokesman for the sustainability organisation, many businesses have already made the change to using renewable energy and are seeing economic benefits as a result.

"So that switch is taking place, perhaps not as fast as people would like, but most of the big energy companies are already invested in renewables to some extent," he said.

The spokesman called on the UK government to introduce incentives for those businesses that decide to move to using renewable energy to meet their power needs rather than fossil fuels.

He said the coalition - led by prime minister David Cameron - is not currently doing enough to make Britain a low-carbon economy.

The comments come after environment secretary Caroline Spelman announced a review into the UK's waste policies.

She said improving the current systems could make the UK a greener place in which to live. 

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