Spaniards 'most concerned about climate change'

17 Jun 2010
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Spanish Flag Renewable energy systems could prove popular in Spain after a survey found that people in the country are more concerned about climate change than those in other European nations.

Spain came top in a poll by Imperial College London (ICL), which found that three-quarters of Spaniards have some worries about the environment, the Metro reports.

By contrast, only half of those in the UK said they were concerned about the issue of climate change.

Commenting on the figures, Britain's climate change minister Greg Barker said: "I think the British are inherently quite sceptical about theoretical politics and science."

However, he added that he is "convinced" people in the UK do want to do something about climate change.

Despite Mr Barker's optimism, the ICL poll found that less than one in three consumers in Britain believe radical steps are needed to address the problem.

This backs up the findings of a recent survey by Cardiff University, which found that many respondents believe scientists are exaggerating the scale of climate change.
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