Spain becomes solar power world leader

14 Jul 2010
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Solar power

The opening of a new solar power plant in Spain has made the nation the world's largest producer of the renewable energy source.

With the opening of the La Florida plant - the biggest of its kind in the world - the European country has overtaken America to take the top spot as the biggest producer of solar energy.

Situated in the west of the country at Alvarado, Badajoz, the plant is capable of producing 50MW of electricity and takes the nation's output to 432MW, which surpasses America's amount of 422MW.

It also boasts impressive rates of renewable energy production through other sources, with it only falling being the US and China in terms of hydro-electricity, as well as having a well-established wind power sector.

In the UK developments into solar energy are also being made, albeit on a smaller scale.

British Gas has been urging religious institutions to install solar panels on their buildings to generate power.

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