Sir Paul McCartney advocates renewable energy

24 Jun 2010
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Wind farm Sir Paul McCartney has thrown his weight behind efforts to adopt more renewable energy systems across the world.

The musician and activist said he wants younger generations to inherit a "decent world" and not a "complete nightmare" of a planet.

Speaking to the Sun, the former Beatle stated that moving from fossil fuels towards renewable energy would be one good way of achieving this goal.

Sir Paul suggested that the current environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico may ultimately help the world to move away from using oil for energy.

"Sadly, we need disasters like this to show people," the former Beatle commented.

"Some people don't believe in climate warming, like those who don't believe there was a Holocaust."

This comes after US president Barack Obama said the country's continued dependence on fossil fuels is putting its economy and environment at risk.

He warned that reliance on oil is also jeopardising the US's national security.
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