Sharp underlines commitment to European solar power

04 Aug 2010
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Sharp has shown its commitment to solar power production in Europe by forming a new company with Enel and STMicroelectronics.

The electronics company will join forces with the Italian renewable energy provider and the components manufacturer to form a joint venture to create 3WSun, which each firm will own a third of.

It will be based in Italy and will focus mainly on the production of thin-film solar cells.

A subsidy has been granted from the Italian government which will enable 3WSun to expand to 480MW of solar power production.

It has also been announced that Sharp and Enel are to team up to form Enel Green Power and Sharp Solar Energy.

This joint venture will use the cells produced by 3WSun to develop solar power farms all over Europe.

Sharp has recently been focusing on developing its solar power arm, after it announced that it is to create new jobs by expanding its plant in Wrexham. 

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