Scottish wind energy development 'will be biggest in Europe'

06 Aug 2010
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A facility for harnessing wind energy in Scotland has been included among the best initiatives of its kind by one expert.

Andrea Marino, a writer for Energy Digital, cited the fact that the Clyde wind farm in Lanarkshire is set to be the largest renewable energy project in Europe as a reason for including it in the list of the world's most impressive.

"With a proposed 152 wind turbines generating 548 megawatts and the capacity to generate enough power for 320,000 homes, the Clyde Wind Farm will significantly surpass [current largest] Whitelee in size," commented the journalist.

The project is set to be completed in 2011 and will provide renewable energy to the local area.

Also on the list were the Roscoe farms in Texas, the Piedra Larga wind farm in Mexico and the Markbygden Vind AB facility in Sweden.

The Scottish government revealed last year that more than £200 million of contracts will be made available for work on the development of Clyde wind farm. 

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