Scottish government welcomes report into tidal energy

20 May 2010
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Offshore windfarm A report which revealed that Scotland could meet its energy requirements with wave and tidal energy has been welcomed by the Scottish government.

This week, a study led by the Offshore Valuation Group stated that Scotland has a total practical offshore resource of approximately 206GW.

The report said that if about a third of this resource is harnessed over the next 40 years, this would be enough to meet annual domestic demand for power many times over.

Jim Mather, the energy minister in Scotland, said the conclusions of the study validate the government's energy policy and strengthen its arguments to develop Scotland's offshore renewable potential.

"We have long known the huge scale of the low-carbon opportunities in our seas," he commented.

"Offshore wind, wave and tidal energy have the potential to meet our electricity needs seven times over."

Mr Mather added that the installation, operation and maintenance of offshore renewable energy systems could lead to up to 145,000 new jobs being created.

This comes after the Scottish government confirmed it is aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 42 per cent over the next decade.
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