Scottish Government hails waste to energy technology

21 Jun 2010
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holyrood Waste to energy systems have been hailed by the Scottish government for their possible environmental benefits.

According to energy minister Jim Mather, recycling waste in this way would help to cut the amount of valuable resources going into landfill sites.

He said waste to energy systems "have a part to play" in a low-carbon society, particularly if they "utilise heat wherever possible".

Mr Mather was speaking after a report by Sustainable Development Commission Scotland found that waste to energy facilities could potentially meet eight per cent of Scotland's current electricity demand.

The report also stated that three per cent of Scotland's heat and electricity demand could be met by combined heat and power waste treatment plants.

Mr Mather commented: "This useful report highlights the potentially significant contribution of waste to our heat and electricity needs."

The Scottish Government unveiled its targets for the implementation of waste to energy facilities earlier this month.

It is hoped that by 2025, 70 per cent of the waste produced in Scotland will be recycled, while a maximum five per cent will go to landfill.
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