Scotland and Norway to hold renewable energy talks

16 Aug 2010
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Scotland and Norway to discuss renewable energy

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond will travel to Norway this week to hold talks on the use of renewable energy in the two countries.

Mr Salmond noted that the nations are in an ideal position to assist each other in a number of matters - such as oil, aquaculture and fisheries - given that they are of a similar size and are rich in natural resources.

Among the issues which he will discuss with officials and company chiefs in the Scandinavian nation is renewable energy, including commercialising floating wind turbines in Scottish waters, reports the Herald.

He described the trip as "an exciting opportunity to ... to maximise the economic benefit of our natural energy assets and our strong links in hydrocarbons, offshore renewable energy and infrastructure".

Last week, the world's largest hydroelectric turbine was unveiled in Scotland.

Developed by electrical technology firm Atlantis Resources, the renewal energy generator is located in the town of Invergordon.

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