Rich nations told to go further in reducing emissions

10 Jun 2010
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flame Rich nations may need to reform their energy policies after the UN's new head of climate convention called on them to go further in tackling climate change.

According to Christiana Figueres, a diplomat hailing from Costa Rica, the problem can only be dealt with if more affluent countries step up efforts to reduce their carbon emissions.

She warned that existing environmental pledges are not enough to protect those parts of the planet that are "most vulnerable" to the effects of climate change.

However, she said she is hopeful that leaders of the world's richest countries will do enough to meet the challenge.

"Humanity has to meet it," she commented.

"We don't have another option."

Ms Figueres added that developing countries are becoming increasingly annoyed at how western nations are dealing with the issue of climate change.

This comes after she told the BBC that future UN talks on climate change need to be more transparent and inclusive.
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