Renewable energy development 'will boost Welsh economy'

02 Jul 2010
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Welsh Flag Greater development of renewable energy systems has been backed by businesses in Wales, a new survey has found.

The Western Mail carried out a joint poll with Deloitte to gauge views on green power and found 87 per cent of Welsh firms are in favour of developing it further.

Respondents said they believe renewable energy could help drive the creation of new jobs, which in turn would help the economy to grow.

John Antoniazzi, spokesman for Deloitte, commented: "Businesses are starting to realise that going green can actually realise tangible cost savings, which is an attractive option in today's economic climate."

However, he said that while businesses may genuinely have good intentions when it comes to helping the environment, they need to put their words into action.

Mr Antoniazzi added that adopting eco-friendly practices should be seen as a "necessity".

This comes after the European Commission said the global financial crisis has made it cheaper for countries to adopt renewable energy systems and meet their carbon reduction targets.
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