Renewable energy adoption grows across Europe

06 Jul 2010
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Renewable energy systems were behind almost a fifth of the electricity consumed in the EU last year, a new report has revealed.

Figures from the European Commission showed that 19.9 per cent of the power used in EU nations during 2009 came from green and sustainable sources.

Hydro power was found to have been particularly popular, along with wind, biomass and solar power.

Statistics also showed that almost two-thirds of the new electricity generation capacity created in EU member states last year was based on renewable energy.

This figure stood at 57 per cent in 2008 but rose to 62 per cent during the following 12 months.

The European Commission is hopeful that if the current rate of growth is maintained, up to 40 per cent of the EU's electricity consumption would come from renewable energy systems by 2020.

EU members are currently aiming to reduce their carbon emissions by 20 per cent on 1990 levels by the end of this decade.

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