Renewable energy 'offers many economic benefits'

09 Jun 2010
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Wind power Millions of jobs could be sustained by the use of renewable energy, according to industry bodies.

Greenpeace and the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) released a blueprint of a system designed to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining 8.5 million jobs in the renewables industry by the year 2030.

In total, 12 million jobs would be created under the plan, which would phase out the use of fossil fuels.

Co-author of 2010 Energy [R]evolution Sven Teske said that there would be economic advantages to renewable energy.

"Investing in people, rather than dirty and dangerous fossil fuels not only boosts global economic development but stems catastrophic climate change," he commented.

The EREC was first set up in 2000.

It encompasses a number of bodies within the renewable energy and research sector, including the European Biomass Association and the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association.

More than 550,000 jobs are sustained by the EREC and the industry it covers has an annual turnover of €70 billion (£58 billion).
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