Planning permission process 'slowing take-up of wind power in UK'

17 Jun 2010
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Turbines sheep field The take-up of wind energy in the UK is being slowed down by the country's planning permission process, an expert has warned.

Adam Bell, the national campaigns coordinator at RenewableUK, stated that only one in four applications for wind farms actually get accepted.

In addition, he noted that getting approval for a wind farm is a very long process that can take months.

Mr Bell said this marks a contrast with planning permission for other structures, such as housing estates and supermarkets, as these can be accepted within six to eight weeks.

"This is possibly the biggest obstacle facing the industry in terms of its rapid development in the UK," he commented.

Mr Bell also warned that developing the skills base for the wind energy industry in Britain is proving problematic.

He said that while these issues can be overcome, it will require "political will" to bring this about.

According to the European Wind Energy Association, wind energy capacity in EU member states is likely to rise by 13 per cent this year.
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