Merkel calls for coordinated response to climate change

28 May 2010
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Angela Merkel Angela Merkel, a leading advocate of renewable energy, has called on the international community to tackle climate change multilaterally.

According to the German chancellor, countries across the world need a coordinated strategy on protecting the environment, the Gulf Times reports.

Ms Merkel described climate change as the biggest issue facing the world today and said Germany is determined to play its part in dealing with the problem.

The nation has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 40 per cent by 2020.

"No country can extricate itself from global problems," Ms Merkel commented.

"We need to take steps ahead to meet challenges together."

The chancellor was speaking to government officials and diplomats at the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar as part of a tour of the Gulf.

This comes after Ms Merkel called on Germany to work harder to produce marketable electric cars, as the country is aiming to have a million vehicles of this kind on the road by 2020.
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