Meeting European renewable energy targets 'could be expensive'

02 Jul 2010
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solar panel

The EU's renewable energy strategy could be more expensive than it realises, an expert has stated.

Bjorn Lomborg, an author on green issues, said Europe believes that meeting its carbon emissions targets will cost £39 billion a year.

However, he told the Telegraph that the actual figure could be at least £90 billion a year.

As a result, he has urged the EU to step up its investment in research and development so more affordable renewable energy systems can be developed.

Mr Lomborg said reducing the cost would lead to nations such as India and China being more inclined to adopt green power.

"If we had affordable green energy sources, everyone would buy them and long-term emissions would drop significantly," he added.

This comes after the WWF lamented the recent G20 summit in Canada as a missed opportunity to make significant commitments on climate change, the use of fossil fuels and rolling out clean energy systems.

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