Many senators 'out of step with US public on renewable energy'

22 Jun 2010
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Capitol Hill CCUU Public support for switching to more renewable energy systems in the US is not being acted upon by policymakers, an expert has said.

According to Rona Fried, chief executive of, the energy bill that was approved in the House of Representatives a year ago is still "languishing" in the Senate.

Speaking to Reuters, she said this is because it is opposed by the Republicans and more conservative elements of the Democrats, who believe it will harm the economy and threaten jobs.

However, Ms Fried said most Americans want the government to make moving from oil towards renewable energy a priority.

She also insisted that the arguments being put forward by critics of the bill "simply are not true".

"It is the very investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy that would spark economic activity," Ms Fried added.

A lack of political will in the US to move forward on cutting carbon emissions could potentially jeopardise the chances of coming up with a global agreement at the upcoming climate change summit in Cancun, Mexico.
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