Italian firm opens solar power plant

19 Jul 2010
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Solar panels

An Italian company has opened its new solar power plant in Sicily, a venture which could propel the country into the top producers worldwide of renewable energy.

Enel's Archimede facility, which is located in the south-east of the island, has a capacity of around 5MW of solar power.

Research chief Sauro Pasini stated that the solar power plant will produce enough energy to power around 4,000 Italian homes.

"Whether it will displace current technology we don't know, but we expect it to be competitive with other technologies," he told Reuters.

"Instead of starting with the same technology, we wanted to go one step ahead."

Italy hopes the opening of the new solar power facility by Enel will place it on a par with rivals Spain with regard to the production of renewable energy.

The La Florida plant is located in Alvarado in the west of the country and makes Spain the largest producer of solar power in the world, ahead of the US.

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