Isle of Man aims to develop onshore wind turbines

21 May 2010
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Isle Of Man House of Keys An onshore wind farm looks set to be built on the Isle of Man as part of an effort to embrace renewable energy.

The Manx government wants 15 per cent of the island's electricity to be produced by non-finite resources within the next five years, Isle of Man Today reports.

About 12 per cent of this will come from the new wind farm, plans for which have been backed by the Manx parliament.

Phil Gawne MHK, a former agriculture minister, commented: "Climate change is a world problem.

"We are not exempt from it because we are a small nation."

Environment minister John Shimmin added that the project should give the island more independence and security, particularly as fuel prices are rising and global oil stocks are declining.

This coincides with the launch of the Barao Sao Joao onshore wind farm in Portugal, which should cut annual carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 50 tonnes.
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