Investing in renewable energy 'becoming more attractive to companies'

24 May 2010
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Wind farm The idea of investing in renewable energy is becoming much more attractive to businesses in the UK, according to an expert.

James Murray, editor of, said companies are increasingly realising that adopting a green strategy can have a number of benefits, beyond helping the environment.

For instance, he stated that firms are becoming more aware that adopting renewable energy systems can have financial advantages.

Furthermore, Mr Murray said businesses that can demonstrate strong green credentials can enjoy PR benefits.

However, he noted that not enough businesses are doing all they should to switch to renewable energy systems.

"There is massive room for improvement," Mr Murray commented.

"So many business properties have car parks or areas that are suitable for a wind turbine, so there is huge, huge potential."

This comes after research by InvestinCornwall found that business leaders believe the renewable energy sector is more important to the UK's long-term economic success than retail and finance.
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