Huhne announces UK energy reform

09 Aug 2010
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UK energy is to be reformed, the government has announced today (August 9th 2010).

According to Chris Huhne, the energy and climate change minister, local councils will now be able to sell the extra renewable energy they produce from wind power developments to the National Grid.

He stated that this will enable Britain to produce more clean energy and be a greener place to live as a result.

"I've taken the early step of overturning the ban on local authorities selling renewable electricity to the grid. I've today written to all councils urging them to take advantage and lead a local energy revolution," commented the Liberal Democrat MP.

Speaking ahead of a visit to Woking Borough Council's clean energy projects, Mr Huhne added that it is a vital step in making community projects more affordable.

Earlier this month, the government announced that the energy use in Whitehall can now be tracked by real-time monitors, so that Britons can keep an eye on how much power is being used by politicians. 

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