Huhne: Gulf of Mexico shows renewable energy is needed

03 Aug 2010
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Lessons must be learned from the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, with renewable energy the new focus, according to the energy and climate change minister in the UK.

Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne stated that the spill from the BP oil well in the Gulf shows that renewable energy sources - including nuclear power - must be examined, he told the Andrew Marr Show on BBC1 on Sunday morning (August 1st 2010).

"We must accelerate this transition from an economy reliant on fossil fuels to an economy which is based on renewables and other forms of low-carbon energy, like nuclear," he said.

Mr Huhne added that his new support for nuclear power as a method of creating renewable energy is not a u-turn on his party's policies before joining forces with the Conservatives to form a coalition government.

The Liberal Democrats, in their pre-election manifesto, stated that they wanted to invest £400 million into refurbishing shipyards so they can manufacture the parts for renewable energy developments. 

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