Greenpeace labels UK 'the dirty man of Europe'

28 Jun 2010
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Greenpeace logo

Britain has been censured by Greenpeace for not embracing renewable energy and other green technologies to the same extent as other European nations.

Eiris carried out research to gauge the environmental impact of the biggest 300 companies in Europe.

The study showed that more than half of those with the worst record on carbon emissions and pollution hailed from the UK.

Ben Stewart, a spokesman for Greenpeace, said the findings should shame the "succession of ministers" who have pledged to put Britain at the forefront of developing eco-friendly technology.

Speaking to the Guardian, he described Britain as the "dirty man of Europe" and said it looks "poorly placed" to benefit from the "inevitable" shift towards low carbon systems over the next few decades.

However, he noted that Germany looks "well positioned to gain from first-mover advantage".

This comes after UK energy secretary Chris Huhne said the British government wants to set a "demanding" policy framework to help tackle climate change.

He said such a move should "ideally" be carried out alongside the country's partners in the European Union.

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