Germany's solar power capacity predicted to expand in 2011

04 Aug 2010
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Germany could be set to increase its solar power capacity again in 2011.

According to Phoenix Solar AG's chief executive officer Andreas Haenel, as much as 7,000MW of solar power could be produced by the country this year.

Speaking to Bloomberg Businessweek, he stated that demand is expected to remain strong, as long as manufacturers can cut their prices as much as reductions in state-mandated tariffs for solar electricity generation.

"If manufacturers have learned their lessons from 2009, 2011 shouldn't be a problem," he said.

Mr Haenel added that solar power installations in Germany have doubled over the course of the year so far.

Earlier this week, the Federal Association for Wind Energy stated that the growth of wind power production in Germany is set to slow this year.

Association president Hermann Albers told Dow Jones that while the amount of energy produced from renewable sources will increase, the rate of growth will not be as fast in 2010 as it was last year. 

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