Germany 'far ahead in renewable energy market'

14 Jul 2010
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wind turbine

Germany's progression in the renewable energy market has in part been down to the influence of its nationals.

It is the country's collective consciousness of the effect that it can have on the environment that has helped it to develop so effectively, according to German parliamentarian Barbel Kofler.

Ms Kofler told the Sydney Morning Herald that the sight of dead trout and salmon in the River Rhine in the 1970s had acted as a catalyst for many Germans.

"What has happened as a result of those events and others is that Germany started to become more aware of its environmental footprint," she explained.

Germany has around 300,500 people employed in jobs in the green sector, with the antipodean nation boasting just 10,000, the article stated.

The use of renewable energy is increasing across Europe, with almost 20 per cent of the fuel consumed on the continent coming from sustainable sources in 2009, the European Union has announced.

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