German demand fuels solar power growth

13 Jul 2010
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Angela Merkel

The solar power industry is recovering from the effects of the recession, with Germany playing a significant part in it.

Government incentives have been highlighted by Daily Finance as playing a role in increasing the demand for the products in the nation.

The country has adopted a feed-in tariff plan, which calls for incentives to be gradually reduced as the form of power becomes cheaper over time.

Similar schemes have been adopted by France and Italy, with some solar energy experts promoting the idea for the US.

"We were surprised by the number of installations that occurred in Germany. It surprised everyone," Rob Gillette, chief executive of First Solar, told the news source.
According to recent figures from IMS, Germany could account for 47 per cent of the global solar energy projects constructed worldwide in 2010.

Germany body VKU, which represents local utilities companies, recently confirmed to Bloomberg that €12 billion would be invested in clean energy systems, with the plan being for the country to rely on renewable sources alone by 2050.

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