European wind energy capacity tipped to rise

15 Jun 2010
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Wind turbine Europe's wind energy capacity is likely to go up by more than a tenth this year, new estimates suggest.

According to the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), about 10GW of extra capacity will be added across the continent during 2010.

This means that overall capacity will rise to nearly 85GW - 13 per cent more than the figure recorded last year.

The EWEA said much of this growth will be fuelled by a doubling in the number of wind energy installations in new EU member states, such as Bulgaria and Romania.

However, Germany and the UK were said to have the largest wind energy markets overall.

Christian Kjaer, chief executive of the EWEA, described the overall trend across Europe as "encouraging".

"Unlike in 2009, the 2010 results consist of orders placed after the start of the financial crisis," he commented.

Mr Kjaer said this demonstrates the level of confidence in wind energy technology among investors.

The release of the figures coincides with Global Wind Day, an international initiative designed to showcase the advantages of wind power.

More than 300 events were held in 35 countries during last year's event.
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