European energy policy criticised by Christian Aid

14 Jun 2010
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EU Flag European leaders have been urged to adopt a more stringent energy policy by backing the Kyoto Protocol in full.

According to Christian Aid, countries in the EU are not giving the Kyoto Protocol their "strongest possible support".

This, it stated, is apparent in the fact that they are allowing other rich nations to abandon the deal and make pledges that are not legally binding instead.

Dr Alison Doig, senior adviser on climate change, warned that this approach would condemn the Kyoto Protocol to death.

"European Union leaders claim they still support the only existing climate deal that has legal teeth," she commented.

"But their actions tell a different story."

Ms Doig insisted that the Kyoto Protocol would only survive if world leaders give it their "enthusiastic" backing.

This comes after Christian Aid welcomed suggestions from the European Commission that the cost of cutting carbon emissions across the EU by 30 per cent is much lower than was previously believed.
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