Europe urged to adopt tougher emissions targets

14 Jun 2010
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Chris Huhne The European Union has been encouraged to revise its carbon management strategy by the UK government.

According to energy secretary Chris Huhne, cutting carbon emissions by 30 per cent on 1990 levels by 2020 is an achievable goal.

However, the existing target is just 20 per cent, which Mr Huhne does not think goes far enough.

Speaking to the BBC, he warned that failing to adopt a tougher target could make it difficult to curb rises in the global temperature.

Mr Huhne said this could in turn make many countries vulnerable to "really disastrous potential weather events".

"We can put Europe ahead of the game by taking new low carbon economic opportunities," he added.

The comments come shortly after Christian Aid urged Mr Huhne to push for the EU to "immediately and unilaterally" adopt the 30 per cent target.

According to the organisation, cutting carbon emissions to this extent is sensible in both moral and economic terms.
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