EU nations running late with renewable energy strategy

01 Jul 2010
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European Union

Many of the countries in Europe will be late in handing over their plans for renewable energy as only two had been received by the June 30th deadline.

The European Commission (EC) was expecting the national renewable energy action plans (NREAPs) from the member states by midnight.

Yet, at a conference that afternoon, Philip Lowe, director general for energy at the EC, said just the documents from the Netherlands and Denmark had been received.

The NREAPs have been created in order for countries to outline how they would meet the targets set by the European Union's Renewables Directive, which needs the members as a whole to increase their renewable energy use by 20 per cent before 2020.

Recently, Connie Hedegaard, the EU's commissioner for climate matters, defended Europe's position as a leader in the campaign against climate change to Euronews, stating that other countries look to Europe as an example for a place that is not just discussing the issues, but acting on them.

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