Emerging economies 'need more detailed energy policies'

02 Jun 2010
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Sao Paulo, Brazil The depth of the energy policies in emerging economies has been called into question by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

According to research commissioned by the Renewable Energy and Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), countries such as Brazil, India and South Africa do have framework legislation in place concerning their green energy targets.

However, the report stated that these policies are not detailed enough to ensure that investors have confidence in them.

CDP also noted that the extent to which these energy policies are successful varies significantly between each of the surveyed countries.

Marianne Osterkorn, director general of REEEP, commented: "Tackling climate change will require massive private sector capital flows into energy efficiency and renewable energy."

She added that it is "very important" to understand which government policies are proving to be effective "in enabling this to happen".

This comes after the Brazilian Tourist Office said Brazil is an excellent place in which to invest, as the economy is growing at a considerable rate.
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