EC issues biomass forecast

07 Jul 2010
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Siemens. Europe’s largest forest biomass power plant. Wien, Vienna.

Electricity output from biomass - one of the ingredients of biofuels - in the EU this year may be nearly double the amount recorded in 2008, new estimates suggest.

According to the European Commission, power output from biomass reached 108 TWh two years ago, but is expected to rise to 200 TWh in 2010.

The organisation said this prediction depends upon the rate of growth continuing at its current pace.

However, the European Commission acknowledged that the development of bioelectricity could possibly be hindered by various other factors.

For instance, it said heat and transport fuels are currently competing for biomass supplies.

"Being storable for use on demand increases its importance as a source of electricity," the commission added.

Official figures revealed that last year, renewable energy sources accounted for 19.9 per cent of the total electricity consumption in Europe.

Some 3.5 per cent of this total came from biomass.

This comes after Clem Spencer of the Wood Recyclers' Association told that demand for wood to be used in biomass plants is likely to increase over the next few years.

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