EC 'to launch new climate strategy'

26 May 2010
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EU Flags EU members may have to speed up the adoption of renewable energy systems, as new carbon emissions targets look set to be introduced.

The Times has obtained a draft copy of a European Commission document outlining plans to increase its target for reducing harmful emissions over the next decade.

According to the document, the recent recession has made it easier for countries to meet the existing target of cutting emissions by 20 per cent on 1990 levels by 2020.

Indeed, it noted that many factories in Europe either closed or reduced production last year because of the economic problems, which helped carbon emissions across the EU fall by ten per cent.

As a result, the target could be revised to a 30 per cent cut on 1990 levels.

"With the 20 per cent target reachable with less effort and the carbon price low, it also acts as a much less powerful incentive for change and innovation," the document stated.

This comes after the European Commission insisted that sustainable energy is "at the heart" of the EU's long-term strategy for dealing with the economy and climate change.
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