Data centre switches to renewable energy systems

08 Jun 2010
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Sun The chief executive of Next Generation Data (NGD) has hailed a data centre for embracing renewable energy systems.

NGD Europe in south Wales now uses renewable energy to meet all of its energy needs.

According to Nick Razey, head of the organisation, this is a notable development, as data centres consume over two per cent of the UK's total power supply.

"It is a significant step to ensuring our operations are as competitive, efficient and environmentally-friendly as possible," he commented.

Mr Razey added that having 100 per cent of its power needs met by renewable energy proves that NGD is doing what other data centres are "only just starting to think about".

The renewable energy systems supply a 750,000 sq ft data centre facility in Newport, which opened earlier this year.

According to Simon Taylor, chairman and co-founder of NGD, this is a "world-class" facility that should help encourage British and international organisations to consider investing in south Wales.
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