Climate change evidence 'is compelling'

21 Jun 2010
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sky An energy firm has urged consumers to embrace renewable energy and other green concepts, as it believes the evidence for climate change is very strong.

EDF Energy acknowledged that climate change has its doubters and said it is very easy to be cynical about the subject.

However, chief operating officer Eva Eisenschimmel said the scientific data which suggests that mankind is affecting the world's climate is "absolutely compelling".

As a result, she has called on members of the public to take steps to reduce their carbon footprints.

"We can save tomorrow by taking action today - and taking action that is so practical and very easy for each and every one of us to do," Ms Eisenschimmel stated.

She was speaking after a study by EDF Energy found that concern about climate change is stronger in Spain than in any other European nation.

Ms Eisenschimmel said the level of apathy in countries such as the UK is a cause for concern and suggested that people need more encouragement to adopt sustainable habits.
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