Change in carbon targets 'would be good for European energy security'

15 Jul 2010
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chris huhne mp

A trio of leading European politicians have called for the European Union (EU) to increase its carbon reductions targets in order to boost European energy security.

According to UK energy and climate change minister Chris Huhne, French environment minister Jean-Louis Borloo and German federal environment minister Norbert Rottgen, the current 20 per cent target should be upped.

They called for the EU to raise its 2020 target to 30 per cent, claiming that the low price of carbon is putting many firms off investing in more sustainable technologies.

Other results of a change in the carbon usage limit would be that European energy security would be boosted, as well as helping to create green jobs across the continent.

"Ducking the argument on 30 per cent will put us in the global slow lane," they told the Financial Times.

"Early action will provide our industries with a vital head start."

German parliamentarian Barbel Kofler recently told the Sydney Morning Herald that the country's collective conscience has acted as a catalyst for it to invest in green technology.

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