Burger King embraces renewable energy

16 Jun 2010
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Burger King Renewable energy systems are being extensively used by Burger King at an outlet in Germany.

The restaurant in Waghausel has been designed with energy-efficiency in mind and uses technology such as wind turbines and solar photovoltaic panels.

This generates about a third of the restaurant's power, thereby enabling it to cut its annual carbon emissions by more than 120 metric tonnes every year.

Burger King also revealed that the renewable energy systems will allow the outlet to cut the size of its energy bills by 45 per cent.

Jonathan Fitzpatrick, spokesman for the fast food chain, commented: "Implementing these new green energy systems reduces the environmental impact and is another step in our ongoing commitment to our BK Positive Steps(R) corporate responsibility programme."

Other green features of the restaurant include a system to capture excess heat loss and use it to produce hot water, as well the deployment of energy-saving light bulbs inside and outside the building.

This comes after a recent poll by Synovate found that 88 per cent of consumers believe companies have a responsibility to help tackle climate change.
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