British government backs shift towards renewable energy

05 Jul 2010
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Westminster An economy based around renewable energy is very feasible, Chris Huhne and Vince Cable have stated.

The UK's energy and climate change secretary and business secretary used an Independent article to outline how this could come into being.

Noting that Britain already has more than 900,000 people in the low carbon goods industry, they pointed out the employment potential of this market, which is expected to see annual growth of four per cent in the next few years.

A consultation on the Climate Change Levy and changes to the energy sector are being carried out to encourage greater use of renewable energy.

"We aim to construct a low carbon economy that will meet our ambitious climate-change targets, deliver energy security and contribute to economic recovery," the two cabinet ministers stated.

This comes after the British government said it believes it can meet its renewable energy targets for 2020, but acknowledged its adoption of green power does need to increase.
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