Biofuels 'must meet the highest standards in EU nations'

11 Jun 2010
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European Union Plans to ensure that biofuels help to cut carbon emissions across Europe have been unveiled by the European Commission.

The international body wants every EU member state to have a certification scheme in place, which would demonstrate whether biofuels meet certain environmental standards.

According to EU energy commissioner Gunther Oettinger, this would also help to ensure that natural habitats are protected and that biofuels are sourced in a sustainable manner.

"In the years to come, biofuels are the main alternative to petrol and diesel used in transport," he commented.

Mr Oettinger added that these traditional fuels account for 20 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions in the EU.

Bioethanol is currently one of the most important biofuels, according to the European Commission.

This is made from sugar and cereal crops and can be used as a replacement for petrol.

Biodiesel, which is manufactured largely from vegetable oils, is also becoming more common as a diesel substitute.

However, Friends of the Earth has already warned that biofuels are actually increasing harmful emissions rather than reducing them.
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