Access to finance 'hindering adoption of local renewable energy systems'

29 Jun 2010
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The development of locally-owned renewable energy systems in Scotland is being slowed down by limited access to finance, the Scottish Government has said.

According to environment secretary Richard Lochhead, obtaining the necessary funds is proving to be a "major stumbling block" for people who want to use green energy.

He has therefore confirmed that he has commissioned a feasibility study to look at various ways of financing renewable energy projects in the early stages.

"We are firmly committed to driving local ownership of energy," Mr Lochhead commented.

He noted that many people in Scotland, including communities, local businesses, farmers and landowners, are keen to develop their own renewable energy projects.

Mr Lochhead said this would enable them to make use of Scotland's "abundant" natural resources.

This comes after Scottish energy minister Jim Mather highlighted waste to energy systems as another good way of generating clean energy and helping the environment.

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