European Future Energy Forum 2010
Mr Pedro Marin
Mr Pedro Marin
Secretary of State for Energy
Since April 2009 Pedro L. Marín is Secretary of State for Energy within the Ministry for Industry, Tourism and Trade. From April 2008 to April 2009, he has been the Secretary General for Energy.

He has previously -as from 1 May 2004- held a position as General Director for the Department of Welfare Society in the Economic Bureau attached to the Spanish Prime Minister. His responsibilities included the following domains from the microeconomic
point of view: health, environment, regulated sectors, industrial policy, R&D+i, competition policy, infrastructures, transport and agriculture.

Pedro L. Marín is a Research Affiliate to the Centre for Economic Policy Research and Professor in the Economics Department of the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. In the latter he has exercised as Dean in the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences and Deputy Director for the Master degree in Industrial Organization.

Pedro L. Marín has participated in and has managed several research projects supported by the UE Framework Programme, the R&D Spanish national programme and several private trusts. He has also developed an advisory role at large in regulatory and competition issues to important companies in the electricity, telecommunications or chemical sectors.

His studies on competition policy and market structure in regulated sectors such as transportation, chemicals, energy or tourism as well as his essays on Research and Development can be highlighted within his analytical work. He has published his findings in books and international specialized publications such as the Journal of Law
and Economics, the Journal of Industrial Economics and the International Journal of Industrial Organization, among others.

Pedro L. Marín holds a graduate degree in Economic Science by the Universidad de Valencia (1988), as well as Master in Science and Ph.D. degrees in Economics by the London School of Economics (1991 and1995 respectively).