Make green development a success - business models that work
We want to better understand what kind of business models are successful in the area of future energies and what we can learn to develop successfully business for green development. This is crucially important as only when this becomes a successful business will we have the accelerator to make it happen in the time we need.
The discussion will also allow delegates to see examples of existing successful models and assess...
• What business models do work?
• What are opportunities still underdeveloped?
• What are replicable best practices?
Le Salève Room
  • Tuesday 11 October | 16:00-17:30
  • Investment and Funding
    Investment and Funding
Session Speakers
  • Panellist
    Principal Sustainability Advisor
    Forum for the Future
  • Panellist
    Technology & Innovation Director, Europe, Middle East & Africa
    DuPont de Nemours International
  • Panellist
    Director, Global Challenges
    World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)