Other energy alternatives
Beyond solar, wind and hydro energy we have many other opportunities for renewable energies. We will have a look at different types of them and analyze their opportunities and challenges.
• Biomass - can we create a win-win situation through waste-to-energy solutions?
• Geothermal – largely geographically dependent or a potential untapped opportunity for the masses?
• Biofuels and fuel cells - what are the alternatives for replacing fossil fuels in transport?
Le Cervin Room
  • Wednesday 12 October | 11:15-12:45
  • Biofuels
  • Clean Transport
    Clean Transport
  • Fuel Cells
    Fuel Cells
  • Geothermal
  • Ocean Power
    Ocean Power
Session Speakers
  • Moderator
    Technology Editor
  • Panellist
    Professor of Geothermal Energy, University of Neuchâtel
    Institute for Geothermal and Hydrological Energy
  • Panellist
    Principal Consultant
    Pöyry Management Consulting