Carbon credits - A sustainable solution
Carbon credits have been very controversial and the trading opportunities did not seem to really develop.
Couldn’t carbon credits and other models like certificates of origin be helping us to influence our behaviour with energy and our use of renewable energies?
• Are carbon credits sustainable and can they influence the evolution to renewable energies?
• What are the international trading opportunities?
• How can we use this for financing future energy projects?
• What is the role of complementary products like Guarantees of Origin?
Le Cervin Room
  • Tuesday 11 October | 14:00-15:15
  • Carbon Management
    Carbon Management
  • Investment and Funding
    Investment and Funding
Session Speakers
  • Panellist
    Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chairman
    Southpole Carbon Asset Management
  • Panellist
    Regional Director Southern and Central Europe
  • Panellist
    President and CEO
    International Emissions Trading Association