Developing World a Source of Future Energies?
Space and appropriate locations are often lacking for new energies in the developed world. So increasingly we are all looking for other less populated regions and more appropriate regions to overcome our own challenges. But these regions are very often at some distance and often also in the developing world.
• What types of energy could we produce more easily in the developing world?
• How can we assure that the developing world countries will get their fair share?
• What partnership models will be necessary to assure success?
• How can we overcome political insecurities and the risks of new dependencies?
• What are the opportunities and challenges transferring new energy over big distances?
• How can we solve the technical issues of energy storage and transfer?
Le Salève Room
  • Monday 10 October | 16:15-17:45
  • Environment Strategy
    Environment Strategy
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    European Policy
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    Investment and Funding
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