Future Energy Movers & Shakers Panel Discussion
A fast-paced and exciting debate focusing on a series of key future energy questions. The debate joins government, industry and influencers together on the stage in real dialogue, delivering hard-hitting messages that we cannot ignore. Issues for discussion include:
• Where is the money coming from to fund the new energy revolution?
• What kind of regulatory environment is truly commercially relevant?
• How can government and industry work together to develop the low carbon energy supply we need?
• Indentifying sources for the new energy needs of the world’s fastest growing economies?
• What are the environmental and cost implications?
  • Tuesday 19 October | 10:00-11:30
  • Environment Strategy
    Environment Strategy
  • European Policy
    European Policy
  • Investment and Funding
    Investment and Funding
Session Speakers
  • Government
    Secretary of State for Energy
  • Government
    Baron Howell of Guildford, Minister of State for Commonweath Affairs
  • Industry
    Managing Director Europe
    E.ON Climate & Renewables
  • Industry
    Managing Director Energy Sector, UK and North West Europe